Apart from Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan also has a luxurious house abroad, owns property worth crores.

Shah Rukh Khan: The name of King Khan of Bollywood is included in the list of top 5 richest actors of the world. He has assets worth several thousand crores.

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan Today everyone’s eyes get teary seeing the pomp and show. But to reach this point, he has worked hard for many years and the process of his hard work is going on continuously. In his early days, Shahrukh used to live in a flat with Gauri in Mumbai. After which he had only one dream to make Mannat his own. Buy Mannat in any case. Today King Khan is the owner of Mannat as well as he has many luxurious houses abroad.

There is a luxurious villa in Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Dubai. Along with this, he also has a luxurious villa there. The name of King Khan’s villa is ‘Signature’. His villa is located on Dubai’s Jannat Palm Jumeirah Beach. There are 6 rooms in this villa of Shahrukh. This luxurious villa is built in 8,500 square feet. According to the information received there, the cost of this villa is more than 200 crores.

home in london

Shahrukh Khan has a luxurious mansion near Park Lane Region in London. Here he often comes to celebrate the holiday with the family. According to the news, Shah Rukh has paid Rs 172 crore for this property.


There are luxury homes in Los Angeles

The Badshah of Bollywood also has a luxurious vacation home in Los Angeles. In 2019, Shah Rukh Khan had posted a few pictures of the luxurious property. In addition to six spacious bedrooms, the Beverly Hills Villa boasts luxurious amenities such as a jacuzzi, private cabanas, and an expansive pool. This house can be taken on rent. Its one night rent is Rs 1.96 lakh.

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shahrukh khan net worth

According to a survey of the year 2023, Shah Rukh Khan’s name is included in the list of the world’s richest actors. According to the report, the total property of King Khan is close to 700 million dollars. If seen according to India, then Shahrukh is the owner of more than Rs 6289 crore.