Apple Car will cost less than one lakh dollars, the company postponed the launch

The American smartphone and tech company has been developing its electric vehicle for the past few years. It is being called the Apple Car. However, there are reports of some hiccups in the project. The company has postponed its launch till 2026. Its price can be less than one lakh dollars.

Earlier this car was expected to be launched by 2025. This company Postponed by one year. Apple initially planned to design this car in such a way that passengers could sit facing each other like a limousine. There were also reports of no steering wheel or pedals. However, this design is being changed and this car will have a steering wheel and pedals along with the driver’s seat. The company has also decided not to offer fully autonomous driving or self-driving features. However, this car will be able to use a self-driving mode on the highways.

In this car, users will get the facility to play games or watch videos on the highways but will have to drive manually on city roads or in bad weather. The company had initially planned to keep the price of this car more than $1,20,000 but its cost will now be less than one lakh dollars because Apple has decided not to provide some features and technology in the car. Apple has not finalized the design of the car. It is likely to be ready by the end of next year. After this the features of the car will be completed and its testing will start.

Apple’s iphone Sony’s state-of-the-art image sensor can be used in the next series. Speculations are rife about various specifications of the iPhone 15 series to be launched next year. A new report has claimed that Sony’s image sensor will be used for this. However, Sony has not started production of this sensor. It can be made at the company’s Nagasaki plant in Japan. Sony has invested heavily in image sensors to capture about 60 percent of the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor market over the next three years. <!–


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