Apple preparing to send notifications to users when iPhone is hacked

Apple, one of the world’s top smartphone companies, says that it will send notifications to users whose iPhones and devices have been hacked by a hacking attempt by the government of a country. Apple filed a legal case against Israeli company NSO Group last week. Apple claims that NSO Group violated US law by selling Pegasus, the spyware that hacked the iPhone.

of a user iPhone Apple will send an iMessage and mail to the email address on file if another company’s device is detected to be a victim of hacking. Apart from this, a threat notification will appear when the user is signed in to the Apple ID. “Users are targeted because of who they are and what they do,” Apple explained in a support document. Unlike ordinary cybercriminals, government-sponsored hacking uses different methods of attack. This type of hacking is difficult to detect.”

The company said that government-sponsored hacking is very complex and costs millions of dollars. Apple has made this announcement after filing a legal case against NSO Group. NSO Group says its hacking technology is only sold to legitimate governments for purposes such as monitoring criminals and enforcing the law.

In a report about four years ago Pegasus It was reported to have been used to target prominent journalists, lawyers, anti-corruption activists and government officials. The governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are also suspected of using this spyware.

The US government has put a halt to the activities of NSO Group. In India too, a recent report was accused of hacking the phones of some journalists and ministers and activists using Pegasus. However, there was a ruckus by the opposition parties in the Parliament on this issue. The government was asked whether it had bought this spyware from an Israeli company. The government did not give any clear answer regarding this.<!–


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