Apple records iPhone sales in India in the fourth quarter

American company Apple has recorded the strongest quarter of iPhone sales in India. This is indicating that the situation is better for Apple in this world’s fastest growing smartphone market. Due to the popularity of the iPhone, Apple has become the world’s most valuable company, but due to the expensive prices of this phone, it was still struggling in India.

market research firm Counterpoint As per reports, the company’s sales in the fourth quarter increased to about 23 lakh units, which is 34 percent higher than the same period last year. Its revenue in the fourth quarter stood at $2.09 billion (about Rs 15,651 crore). Samsung’s revenue was about $ 2 billion (about Rs 14,976 crore). Neil Shah, Head of Research, Counterpoint Technology Market Research, said, “This is a turning point for Apple in India. Even during the pandemic, customers were ready to spend on premium phones because their devices are very important to people.”

China in the fourth quarter Xiaomi 93 lakh and South Korea’s Samsung sold about 72 lakh smartphones. Apple was shocked by the resignation of several of its senior executives in India in 2018. Apart from this, the company’s sales also declined and its retail partners were opposing online discounts. Apple sold about 18 lakh units in 2018. However, since then the company changed its strategy by opening its own online store in the country and started local manufacturing of iPhone. The company also plans to open its own retail stores in several cities.

Apple is also facing some other challenges in India. Its manufacturing partners Foxconn and Wistron have come under severe criticism for their poor treatment of workers. Apart from this, the Competition Commission of India has started an investigation regarding the fees of the App Store. Despite the company’s increasing market share in India, it remains in single digital. Apple’s market share was a little over five percent in the December quarter. The company’s major markets include the US and China.


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