Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi in trouble, the government created pressure on the Indian navigation system

Global tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi may have a tough time in India, the world’s second largest smartphone market. The central government has asked these companies to use the navigation system developed in the country in smartphones. This can increase the cost of these companies and for this hardware changes will also have to be made.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to increase self-reliance, the use of Regional Navigation Satellite System is being increased in the country. It is called Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC). America’s Global Positioning System (GPS) is used around the world for navigation. As Reuters reports, the government wants to reduce dependence on such foreign systems. The government says that NavIC will provide more accurate navigation in the country. The economy will also benefit from its use. China, Japan, the European Union and Russia have their own global or regional navigation systems.

However, there is limited use of NavIC in the country. It has been made mandatory for public vehicle location trackers. Government and industry documents show that efforts are being made to increase its use. Because of this, smartphone companies have been asked to make hardware changes for smartphones supporting NavIC. For this, these companies have been given a deadline till the end of this year. However, along with NavIC, GPS will also be present in the new smartphones.

AppleIn recent meetings with Xiaomi, Samsung Electronics and some other smartphone makers, the government had asked to include this navigation system in smartphones. However, these companies said that for this they would need research and their cost would also increase. Testing clearance will also be required for this change. About this samsung declined to comment. Apple and Xiaomi did not respond when contacted for information. There has also been no response from the IT Ministry and Space Agency ISRO involved in this project. It is said that in a meeting with government officials, Samsung had protested against this change.

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