Ashish nehra will be a good coach indian cricket team t20 format find out why 4 reasons | Will Nehra prove to be a better head coach than Dravid in T20? Know 4 big features

Harbhajan Singh has talked about giving Ashish Nehra a place in the coaching staff of the Indian T20 team. Will this former fast bowler really prove to be better than Dravid?

Will Team India perform better if Ashish Nehra becomes the coach?

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First the Asia Cup and then the T20 World Cup, Team India’s performance in both the big tournaments was not up to expectations. After the defeat in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, questions were raised on the captaincy of Rohit Sharma and now the ability of head coach Rahul Dravid is also being questioned. Former off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has said that along with Rahul Dravid, a person who has played T20 format recently and understands this format better should be in the coaching staff. Harbhajan Singh has taken the name of Ashish Nehra.

Ashish Nehra’s name is coming to the fore because this former fast bowler has recently proved his coaching skills in the IPL. Nehra made Gujarat Titans the champion in the very first season. Nehra was the head coach of the team and under his leadership, the team won the IPL 2022 title with a stunning performance. Now the question is, can Nehra prove to be a better head coach than Dravid in T20? You decide the answer to this question yourself, but before making an opinion, we are telling you those 4 specialties of Nehra which make him the idol coach for Team India.

1. Good experience of T20 matches

Harbhajan Singh advocated the name of Ashish Nehra by saying this and he told the reason for this that Nehra has retired only in the recent few years. This player understands T20 format better. Somewhere, there is some substance in Bhajji’s talk. Nehra has experience of 88 IPL matches and also played 27 T20 matches.

2. Expert in team management

One special thing about Ashish Nehra is that he specializes in team management. His friendly attitude with the players is a big plus point. Due to this the players do not get nervous and they perform better on the field. Nehra did the same for Gujarat Titans. Nehra gave place to many young players in the playing XI who were not even big names. This includes players like Sai Kishore, Saha, Wade, Rahul Tewatia. In the end, these players made the team the champion.

3. Nehra doesn’t care about statistics at all

Another special thing about Ashish Nehra is that he does not pay attention to things like statistics and match ups. He directly believes that if the player is good then he can do better against any situation and opponent. Usually, left-arm spinners are not bowled in front of left-handed batsmen, but Nehra is quite the opposite. They give importance to the form and ability of the player more than the figures.

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4. Fine tuning from Hardik Pandya

It is believed that Hardik Pandya can be the captain of the team in the 2024 T20 World Cup. Recently, Pandya also made the team win in the New Zealand T20 series. Now if Pandya is the captain then Nehra is bound to get better tuning from him. In Gujarat Titans, the pair of both gave a new fledgling team the title of IPL. It is clear that if Nehra is entrusted with the coaching of the T20 team, then this former bowler can do better for you.