Asia Cup 2023 will be held in Pakistan, then how will Team India play its matches? , Asia Cup 2023 to be held in Pakistan with Indian matches to be hosted in another venue

There is a dispute between the cricket boards of India and Pakistan regarding the Asia Cup tournament to be held in September because the BCCI refused to send the Indian team to Pakistan, on which Pakistan objected.

There is a dispute between India and Pakistan regarding the Asia Cup.

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New Delhi: The deadlock that has been going on for the last about 6 months seems to be reaching the verge of resolution. Between two powerhouses of world cricket and two neighbours, India and Pakistan asia cup The ongoing controversy regarding the event seems to be reaching its end. A result on which the cricket boards of both the countries seem to agree. According to reports, Pakistan will host the Asia Cup 2023 ODI tournament to be held in September this year. The only difference will be that India’s matches will not be played in Pakistan.

Controversy was going on since October last year regarding this tournament to be held just before the ODI World Cup to be held in India in October-November this year. This time the Asian Cricket Council’s tournament was hosted by Pakistan, but the Board of Control for Cricket in India refused to send the team, after which there was a situation of confusion regarding the organization of the tournament.

Who will be the host with Pakistan?

Now news is coming that there seems to be an agreement between the two boards on the middle way for the tournament. ESPN-Cricinfo According to the report, it seems possible to organize the tournament in Pakistan itself. This will be possible because there is a consensus between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the BCCI to organize the tournament in two different venues. It has been told in the report that India’s matches will be organized in some other country instead of Pakistan.

Who will be the second venue of the tournament, the complete decision has not been taken yet. For this, there are contenders like United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka, as well as Oman and England as the most surprising name. Who will get this hosting will also depend on the weather and travel logistics.

It has been claimed in the report that in order to end the situation of conflict over the Asia Cup, all the members of the ACC have agreed in principle on this proposal. This was agreed upon in a meeting of ACC members in Dubai on the sidelines of the ICC Board meeting last week. However, the final decision on this is yet to be taken. To make this path of solution completely correct, a working group has been formed, which will look after the travel plan and logistics arrangements keeping in mind the consent of all the teams.

India-Pakistan clash 3 times?

Under the format of the tournament, 6 teams will participate this time too, which are divided into two groups of 3-3. In this India and Pakistan Together again, while there will be a qualifier team. There are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan in the second group. 2-2 teams from both the groups will reach the Super-4 round, where all the teams will clash with each other. Then two teams will reach the finals. That means there can be at least 2 and maximum 3 matches between India and Pakistan. A total of 13 matches will be played in the tournament, in which at least 5 matches (all of India) will be played outside Pakistan.