Asteroid as big as the football stadium will reach close to the Earth this week

The US space agency NASA has said that a giant asteroid will approach the Earth this week. Named 2013 BO76, this asteroid will be about 200 to 450 meters wide and will travel at a speed of 50,000 kilometers per hour. The agency has classified this asteroid as ‘potentially dangerous’, although it is expected to fly at a safe distance from Earth. According to NASA, this asteroid the size of a football stadium will reach the closest to Earth on Friday according to Indian time.

NASA has told that even when this asteroid will be closest to the Earth, the distance between it and the Earth will be more than 51 lakh kilometers. This is 13 times greater than the distance between the Moon and the Earth. Then why is it placed in the category of potentially dangerous? Actually this is done considering the size of the asteroid and its distance from the earth. This does not mean that that asteroid can become any kind of threat to the Earth.

There is also a question as to why it is called a ‘close approach’. Actually, it is a term that scientists use. That is why even when this asteroid will reach near the earth, its distance will be very much. Because scientists use this term, the asteroid named BO76 has been included in NASA’s close approach list.

According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), asteroid BO76 will approach Earth this week. Its speed will be around 50,000 kilometers per hour.

CNEOS tracks near-Earth objects, so that alerts can be issued in time. The agency has assured that it has not found any such big asteroid so far, which can cause a threat to it by colliding with the Earth in the coming time. It is said that the last time a giant asteroid hit the Earth, it wiped out the dinosaurs from this planet. The US space agency is also working on a technology that can change the path of an asteroid that threatens the Earth.