asteroid with size of 41 foot coming near earth today 26 may closest approach 35 lakh kilometer nasa alert

The existence of the solar system in an infinite universe is like a drop in the ocean! Yet the celestial bodies appear to be so gigantic. Similarly, the existence of the earth also becomes very small in comparison to our solar system. Despite this, how gigantic it is in human terms. In the space full of mysteries, there are many celestial bodies apart from the planets which are unseen. And not much is known about those who have been seen. Asteroids are also such celestial bodies which remain a matter of concern for scientists these days. Today, NASA has again issued a warning of an asteroid coming close to the Earth. Let us know how big this asteroid is and how much danger it can pose to the earth.

asteroid Solar System There are pieces of rocks moving around. These are formed during the explosion of the planets and start moving around the Sun by making an orbit of their own. Many times they come very close to a planet while roaming and there is a possibility of collision. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Keeps an eye on them constantly. If an asteroid enters within a range of 7.5 million kilometers from the Earth, it can be dangerous for the Earth. One such asteroid is going to come close to the Earth today. Its name is 2023 KZ asteroid.

2023 KZ is a 41 feet asteroid. According to NASA, it is as big as a bus. Its size is very small as compared to the earth, but in case of collision, it can cause huge loss of life and property. It is going to pass at a distance of less than 3.5 million kilometers from the Earth. JPL According to when it will be closest to the Earth, the distance between the two will be 3,420,000 km. This distance is very short. But NASA has not yet released any information like its hitting the earth.

NASA It issues alerts for those asteroids that come closer to the Earth than a specified distance. This distance has been told by NASA as 7.5 million kilometers. NASA tracks all the asteroids coming in this range so that the Earth can be saved from possible danger. The space agency is issuing alerts for one or the other asteroid every day, because these days asteroids are constantly passing through the Earth. This process continues continuously. <!–


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