Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy Captures a Supernova in Pinwheel galaxy

Millions of stars shining in the sky every night have many mysteries wrapped in themselves. The biggest mystery is related to his birth and death. Scientists have so far known that when a star reaches the end of its life, its fuel supply runs out. Then there is a terrible explosion in it. This makes the star very bright, which can be seen thousands of light years away. This phenomenon of explosion in stars is called Sapurnova. An astrophotographer has captured this event from Earth.

Andrew McCarthy is a renowned astrophotographer and captivates the world with his pictures of the universe. He is also very active in social media and gives important information on major astronomical events. Andrew McCarthy captured the supernova event while his telescope was probing the Pinwheel galaxy.

Andrew has prepared and shared a series of frames captured by his telescope. The Pinwheel Galaxy is also known as M10. It is about 70 percent larger than our Milky Way and is 21 million light-years away from Earth. This is not the first time that Andrew McCarthy has surprised with his picture.

In March this year, an event was observed in the Sun. so high in the sun solar tornado (solar tornado) arose, which was not seen before. Its height was about 10 times more than the height of the earth. Andrew McCarthy also confirmed this in his tweet. He captured this event with his solar telescope. Andrew had told that he spent 3 hours with his solar telescope, then went and saw a long tornado-like thing on the Sun.

Recently he a picture of the moon Shared on his social media account. The picture was prepared by taking 2 lakh 80 thousand photographs of the moon itself. Lava lakes on the lunar surface, lava tubes that look like crawling insect tracks, valleys and impact craters could also be seen in the photo.