At a young age, the shadow of the father was raised, the mother raised it through struggles, know the story of Achinta Shuli

It was his elder brother who brought Achinta Shuli into weightlifting who left the sport due to the family’s financial condition.

Achinta Sheuli won the gold medal for India. ( SAI Media Twitter)

India has got three gold medals in the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham. The third medal that came was received late on Sunday night and got this medal coming from Deyulpur in West Bengal. Anchita Sheuli has. The story of Achinta is no less than a film story. This player has struggled a lot to reach here and after working hard, he has reached here. It is the miracle of this hard work that at the age of 20, this player has not only illuminated the name of his family but also his family.

Not only Achinta, his brother Alok is also a weightlifter and he brought Achinta to this sport. the bridge Alok has been quoted as saying in his report, “I came into this game in 2010, after my board exams. The kind of food, multivitamins and equipment required for this game was not available to my family. It was very difficult.”

Achinta’s entry

Alok told that after a few years of joining the game, he brought Achinta to this game. He told, “We both played Nationals in 2013 which was in Guwahati. But the unfortunate thing is that our father passed away two months before this. For this reason, seeing the financial condition of my family, I left my graduation in the middle.

mother got emotional

Presently Alok is working in Fire Brigade on contract basis. His mother told that she had to face a lot of problems due to the departure of Achinta’s father. His mother said, “We were in a lot of trouble after my husband passed away. I started sewing so that I could support my sons. He also tried to help me as much as he could. When Achinta went to school, food was scarce. If one day there is rice in his plate then there will be no vegetable. Many times my son used to cry for eating eggs or fish, meat. But we didn’t have that much money. I never thought he would go to such heights, but I am proud of him.”

Brother’s ditch scolding

Achinta did well in the 2018 Khelo India Youth Games. after that he Commonwealth Won first place in the championship not once but twice. Alok said, “After doing well at the district level, I used to scold him and motivate him to do better so that he can make a future in this sport. There was no one with us and our family is not like that to help us.”

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After earning a name in the national circuit, Achinta participated in Team India’s camp. He won a silver medal at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in 2021. He had a chance to go to Tokyo Olympics but luck was not on his side. “He missed out on qualifying by a very small margin,” Alok said.