Athiya shetty in England with KL Rahul

World Test Championship While KL Rahul is on a tour of Britain these days to play a 5-match Test series against (WTC) and England, some pictures of Athiya Shetty sparked the news of their affair. is. Actually, along with the cricketers, his family has also reached. The wives of many players have also shared their picture from Southampton. Meanwhile, Athiya has also shared some pictures, seeing which fans are asking her different questions.

Athiya is present with the cricketer in England?

Actually recently Bollywood actress has shared her picture in a jacket. Which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Because the jacket he is wearing is that of a cricketer. It was a while back when KL Rahul posted his old pictures on social media. There was also a picture in it, in which Rahul is seen wearing the same jacket that Athiya is wearing.

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This latest picture of the actress remains a matter of discussion among the people. Fans are anticipating that Athiya Shetty has reached England with the cricketer these days. At the moment, seeing this picture itself, people are not guessing that they are in Britain. Rather, more such photos have also come to the fore, which are indicating that he is in England.

After seeing these two pictures, the fans are making such speculations.

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Athiya Shetty has uploaded two pictures from her Instagram account among the fans. In one of the pictures you can see that she is seen sitting on the bed. Where she is sitting looks like a hotel room. In this picture, Athiya is wearing a blue and beige jacket. After seeing this jacket, the fans are constantly engaged in showering comments on it. Users say that the actress is in England with the cricketer.

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At present, along with Athiya, that old picture of KL Rahul is also going viral very fast, in which he is driving the car and he is wearing the same jacket. Talking about the actress, she had shared another picture earlier, which is in black and white. The background in this picture is similar to that of Southampt. In such a situation, the news of fans is constantly getting wind that Athiya is present in Britain only.

news not confirmed

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Although it is not yet confirmed whether the actress is in England with KL Rahul or not, but seeing the way her picture is coming out, such speculations are being made.

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