Atishi joined the discussion summit, said- the mindset of children changed from business blasters

Atishi said that the Delhi government has started free English speaking courses for the youth in the age group of 16-35 years.

Kalkaji MLA Atishi Marlena (File photo)

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Delhi Assembly Education Standing Committee chairperson and Kalkaji MLA Atishi Marlena attended the discussion: Livelihood Summit- 2022 held on Thursday. Here he shared his thoughts on the topic of Skill and the changing nature of Entrepreneurship in Delhi. on this occasion Atishi Said that today the entire education system prepares children to find a good job only after completing their studies. In such a situation, a big question arises that if our system will only teach our children to find jobs, then how will the economic system of the country be repaired and how will the country progress.

Atishi further said that, in Delhi, we have found the answer to this question through Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum and Business Blasters Program. Through these two, we have tried to develop a growth mindset by changing the mindset of the children studying in Delhi government schools so that when they come out after completing their studies, they do not have to wait in long lines to get a job, but rather a job creator. Become.

Atishi spoke on Business Blaster Program

Atishi said that the Business Blaster program is one of the largest student start-ups programs in the world. Under where the Delhi government gave seed money of Rs 2000-2000 per student to about 3 lakh children studying in class 11th-12th in their schools to develop their business idea, open their own mini start-up. Also, children studying in Delhi government schools with seed money of Rs 60 crores generated more than 51,000 business ideas and after several rounds, 126 teams were selected for the Business Blasters Expo & Summit.

Where the start-up ideas of these little business stars of Delhi government schools were displayed and it was not only seen by the industrialists, eminent entrepreneurs from across the country but also gave investment offers of more than Rs 15 crores for these ideas. He said that through this program the children not only learned business skills but it also increased their confidence, decision making ability, risk taking ability.

Skill gap biggest problem

Atishi further said that today the skill gap is the biggest challenge in front of the country and due to lack of skills, a large number of youth in the country are unemployed despite being educated because we did not give them skills keeping in mind the needs of the market. Today, keeping in mind the need of the market, we should equip our children with the skills of the 21st century, our educational institutions should design such courses for them, through which the youth can meet the current market demand by acquiring skills.

In view of this, the Delhi Government started Delhi Skill and University. Through this university, the government is equipping the youth of Delhi with the skills of the 21st century and preparing them for the jobs of the times to come. The courses in this university have been designed keeping in mind the need of the market where children spend 50% of their time working with the people of the industry and learn business skills and all the necessary skills of the industry from them.

Information given about DSEU Light House course

He told that this Delhi government university has started another very unique program DSEU Lighthouse, where the university itself is reaching out to the children and giving them admission. Through this ambitious program of DSEU Lighthouse, the Delhi government aims to empower the youth by upskilling their skill centers to the low-income groups and slum clusters. Under this, lighthouse centers have been started by the government at many places in Delhi and a large number of youth are getting skills related to various sectors from here.

Atishi said that despite getting better education for the children, they do not get good jobs and opportunities in the industry as their English communication skills are not very good. In such a situation, the children of every section in Delhi can speak fluent English without stopping and job opportunities for them are not hindered, so that the Delhi Government has started free English speaking courses for the youth of the age group of 16-35 years.