Atmosphere of fear in JNU, students in panic! Said – ban leftist organizations like PFI

Slogans against the Brahmin and Bania communities have been written on the walls of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). There is an atmosphere of fear among the students after this matter came to the fore.

Slogans written on walls in JNU campus

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Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is once again in limelight. Reason- Anti-Brahmin slogans have been written on many buildings present in JNU Campus. Slogans inciting the Brahmin and Bania communities have been written on the walls. Separatist elements have also vandalized the building of the School of International Studies. At the same time, after this incident came to the fore, there is an atmosphere of fear among the students studying in JNU. They are in panic. Students say that calls are coming continuously from their homes. Frightened parents are asking their children to return home.

ABVP says that the act of writing such slogans on the walls is of the leftist students. It has been told that such cases have come to the fore earlier as well, but this time the matter has increased more. Junior students are constantly calling their seniors and questioning them about the security of the campus. The JNU administration has said on this matter that it condemns the incident. Such incidents will not be tolerated at all.

Intention to defame JNU

Talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, Arabic language student Mahendra Singh said, ‘Leftist students have done such a cowardly act, which the entire JNU strongly condemns. This shows the old intention to defame JNU. Mahendra further said, ‘Whatever riots took place in JNU, because of which JNU became infamous, it was done by the students of these leftist parties. The pulse of those who talk about discussion, debate and dialogue is no longer melting and their fury is now coming to the fore.

Left organizations should be banned like PFI

Gaurav, a student of Ayurveda biology, said on this matter, ‘When we go for seminars, such things of casteism, genocide and bloodshed are written on the walls there. After reading them, fear arises among the students and their families who come here. The student said, ‘Since morning till now 20 calls from juniors have been received. They are asking us, brother, are we safe here.

Gaurav also accused the leftist students of writing slogans on the walls. He said, ‘These are the actions of leftist students. Students like us come here to study, but the students of the leftist group do all these things. They do not follow the guru-shishya tradition and make teachers captive. These people can be caught very easily.

He said, ‘We common students will complain to the Vice-Chancellor that the atmosphere of fear and terror should be ended and social groups and organizations that create such an atmosphere should be banned, like PFI was done. Will request them that those who do this should be identified and expelled by checking the CCTV.

atmosphere of fear among students

Student leaders of ABVP say that such acts have been happening in the past as well. But this time it has become worse. He says that some posters are such that they cannot be shared even on social media. Some students say that they are scared of such an act. There is an atmosphere of fear among the students after the threatening posters were put up.

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(Input- Abhijeet Thakur)