‘Attempt to kill by poisoning’ Pakistani cricketer created stir, big disclosure on Afridi too. Imran Nazir’s Shocking revelation: was given mercury, slow poison, suffered joint pain, Shahid Afridi helped in treatment

Former opener Imran Nazir, who played 112 international matches for Pakistan, said that he spent his entire life’s earnings for treatment, after which Shahid Afridi extended his helping hand.

Shahid Afridi helped in saving Imran Nazir.

Image Credit source: AFP

New Delhi: Hardly a week goes by when Pakistani cricket There is no controversy or any shocking revelation. Especially the former cricketers of Pakistan keep spewing some crazy things every now and then through any interview or any debate or Twitter. Allegations ranging from fixing to beatings have become very common, but the revelation made by a former explosive opener of Pakistan is more frightening than all the allegations, claims and incidents. Something that is beyond imagination. This is the disclosure – of giving slow poison and this allegation has been made by Imran Nazir.

Former Pakistan opener Nazir has recently made this sensational disclosure in a YouTube interview. Nazir, who saved a special identity for Pakistan due to his explosive batting in ODIs and T20s, made this disclosure on the Nadir Ali podcast where he told that someone fed him poison during the best phase of his career.

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Slow poison troubled many years

The 41-year-old Pakistani batsman told in this interview that some time ago when the last treatment for his disease was done, the doctors made a shocking disclosure in it. According to Nazir, it was found in the report that someone had fed him mercury (mercury), which is a slow poison and weakens bones and joints. Nazir told that he was in pain for 7-8 years but still he did not give any curse to the person who gave poison in this period of his pain.

However, Nazir, who played 112 matches in all three formats for Pakistan and scored more than two and a half thousand runs, never came to know who gave the poison and when. Nazir said that he did not even know when, where and what he had eaten, due to which this poison entered his body. Despite this, Nazir is thankful that he is alive and completely fine.

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Afridi extended a helping hand

Former Pakistan captain and veteran all-rounder in his struggling days Shahid Afridi Also got along, who played a big role in his treatment. Nazir had spent his lifetime’s earnings of 10-15 crore Pakistani rupees in the treatment of this disease. Even after this the treatment was not complete and he needed the last treatment when he spoke to Shahid Afridi. Without thinking twice, the star all-rounder immediately extended a helping hand to his former teammate and donated around Rs 40-50 lakh to the hospital, so that he could be treated properly and he recovered. Nazir expresses his gratitude to Shahid for his help.