Australia stunned by one move of IPL teams, 15 players will leave for money

A big threat has arisen on Australia’s T20 league Big Bash. According to the news, its top 15 players can go to play in the UAE’s international league.

Big threat to T20 league Big Bash

Image Credit source: AFP

Big Bash, one of the world’s most famous cricket leagues, has become a big threat. According to the news, many top players playing in this league can go to UAE. The International League T20 is about to start in the UAE, where Australian players are getting a lot of money to play. Let us tell you that IPL teams are also invested in the International League and now it is believed that Kangaroo players can play the league in UAE instead of BBL. If reports are to be believed, the International League has offered 7 lakh Australian dollars to the top 15 players of Australia, due to which Cricket Australia is worried.

Let us tell you that Big Bash and International League are to be organized at the same time. The Big Bash League will be played from December 13 to February 4, while the first tournament of IL T20 is to be played from January 6 to February 12. This makes it impossible for Australian players to join both the leagues. In such a situation, the players will have to choose only one league. If the money is more in the international league, then obviously the players can choose it.

Cricket Australia can’t stop Australian player

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, at least 15 Australian players have been offered 700,000 Australian dollars to withdraw from the Big Bash League and play in the UAE league. According to the current central contract of Australia’s top players, no player can be forced to play in the BBL. Let us tell you that David Warner did not play in this league in 2014. It is difficult for him to play this time too. It is being said that this player can play in the International League. Former wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has also expressed his fear of this.

get less money in bbl

Let us tell you that Darcy Short has got the most money of BBL so far. He was paid 3 lakh 70 thousand Australian dollars. But in IPL, much more money is given to the players than this. The big thing is that now even in the International League, players are being offered double the amount of $ 7 lakh. Now what will be the next step of Cricket Australia, it will be a matter to be seen.