Avesh Khan broke the South African player’s bat, Team India had to compensate, there was a big loss

Rasi van der Dussen’s bat broke in two while trying to hit a shot off Avesh Khan’s ball.

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South African batsman Rassie van der Dussen scored an unbeaten 75 off 46 balls in the first T20 match in Delhi and played an important role in defeating Team India.

The first match of the five-match T20 series between India and South Africa was played in Delhi, which did not go in India’s favor as per the expectations and plans. guest South Africa beat hosts India by 7 wickets. South Africa registered this victory by achieving a huge target of 212 runs. By the way, the Indian team was ahead in this match at one time and it seemed that the situation would become difficult for South Africa. Then Avesh Khan did something inadvertently, after which the match turned upside down. A fast ball from Avesh Khan broke the bat of South African batsman Rassie Van Der Dussen. After that the situation changed completely.

The Indian team had scored 211 runs and then gave 3 blows to South Africa. In such a situation, David Miller and Rasi van der Dussen were at the crease. Miller was batting with a bang, but Rasi had to struggle. It was looking over after over. Then came the 14th over of the innings. Avesh Khan was the bowler and Rasi on strike. No run came off the first 3 balls of the over. The third ball was on yorker length and while trying to drive it, Rasi’s bat got a long and deep crack. The bat broke into two pieces.

Bat changed and attitude changed

By this time Rasi’s score was only 22 runs in 26 balls and he had to change his bat. Perhaps it was the effect of changing the bat, that suddenly his batting gear also changed and runs started coming freely from the bat. After this the Rasi came in its own color. He also got a lifeline in the meantime and then in the 17th over he hit three sixes and one four.

After changing the bat, he scored 30 runs in the next 11 balls and completed the half-century and helped the team to take the road to victory. He remained unbeaten till the end and returned after scoring 75 runs in 46 balls. That is, after breaking the bat, he scored 53 runs in the next 20 balls.

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Team India pays the brunt

No…here Avesh Khan is not being blamed, but that incident is being presented only as a reference because from there the colors of South African batsman Rassie van der Dussen also changed and she along with her partner David Miller Together, within the next few overs, Team India won the match by taking them out of the match. Rasi shared an unbeaten 131-run partnership with Miller and Team India had to bear the brunt of this partnership in the form of defeat.