Away from cricket for 12 months, the bowlers were forced to return, scoring 596 runs in 7 innings. Kedar Jadhav is back with a bang in Ranji Trophy AFTER Absent from cricket for over a year

After returning to cricket, Kedar Jadhav has so far scored a double century, a century and 2 half-centuries. He has scored 596 runs in 7 innings so far.

Kedar Jadhav returns after 12 months and dominates

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Small in stature but big in work. Then what if the IPL franchisees did not appreciate him. He has made his mark in domestic cricket. The fire he created with the bat also has its own importance. Actually, he seems to be doing this by returning to cricket after a long time. We are talking Kedar Jadhav Of those who stayed away from cricket for the last one year i.e. 12 months. But, now that he has returned, he has forced the bowlers in front of him.

The latest Jauhar of Kedar Jadhav’s bat was seen in the Ranji Trophy match. A match is being played between Maharashtra and Mumbai. In this match, playing for Maharashtra, Kedar Jadhav has scored a tremendous century. He scored 128 runs in Maharashtra’s first innings facing 168 balls. This is his 15th century in first class cricket.

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Kedar Jadhav scored a difficult century

There was one more thing about Kedar Jadhav’s century innings against Mumbai. He hit this century at a time when Maharashtra was looking in trouble. His 2 wickets fell for just 23 runs. But after that, not only did he give himself time to settle down at the crease, but once his feet got set, then what he did after that, everyone also saw it.

12 months away from cricket, now bowlers forced

Kedar Jadhav’s form and fitness have always been in question. This is the reason why he had to stay away from the cricket field for a year. Kedar played the last match in November 2021 before his return. After that, in November 2022, he returned only from the Ranji Trophy match. In the first two matches, only 43 runs came off his bat. But in the next 5 innings, he made a mountain of runs.

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Scored 596 runs in 7 innings

Kedar Jadhav has scored a double century, a century and 2 half-centuries in 4 out of the next 5 innings. With this stellar performance, Kedar Jadhav has so far scored 596 runs in just 7 innings. He made these runs after returning from a long break of 12 months, which is also a proof of his being in form. Apart from this, it is enough to tell that this fan of Salman is fit at the age of 37, only then he is also a hit.