Bad luck with Virat Kohli, now even after hitting fours and sixes, he lost the wicket like this, anger erupted- Video

The way Kohli got out after a good start, he could not control his anger.

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Virat Kohli has batted in 13 innings this season, but only one half-century has come in his account so far, while he has been out on the first ball 3 times.

It is said that when luck is not with you, even if someone is hiding in a cave, the rain goes away after getting wet. In the context of cricket, nowadays this condition has happened to Virat Kohli. Kohli, who ruled world cricket for a decade with a brilliant and record-breaking batting, has been struggling for the last 3 years. In IPL 2022, this struggle has reached such a level that the possibility of Kohli getting out on the first-second ball has increased. Sometimes when runs come off his bat, there is bound to be some way of getting out. Punjab Kings Something similar happened against (Punjab Kings), where Kohli was looking in great rhythm, but still got out early and started cursing his luck as he went.

IPL 2022 season has been like a nightmare for Virat Kohli. The former captain of RCB has become obsessed with every single run. He has been out on the very first ball three times, but still the chain of hope continues. Against Punjab Kings on Friday, it seemed that the spell of bad luck would finally come to an end and Kohli’s bat would get runs again. It happened for a while, but eventually he got out in a good rhythm.

good beginning, bad ending

In response to the target of 210 runs from Punjab, Virat opened for Bangalore and scored two brilliant fours on Arshdeep in the second over. Then Kohli went ahead and hit a brilliant six on the left-arm spinner Harpreet Brar, who came in the third over. Till this time, Kohli was seen batting in his old style and it seemed that today all the things would change, but perhaps Kohli’s luck did not accept this return at the moment.

In the fourth over, Kagiso Rabada’s second ball was short and Kohli tried to hook it, but the ball hit his waist and went for a catch at short fine leg. When the umpire did not give out, Punjab took a review and replays showed that the ball had touched his glove very lightly.

Seeing the sky, Kohli cursed the luck

By this time Kohli had scored 20 runs in 13 balls and was collecting shots with good timing. But when some luck was needed, the situation there did not change at the moment. In this way, the anger and anger of getting out showed on Kohli’s face and while returning back to the pavilion, he kept looking at the sky and venting his anger and cursing luck.

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So far this season, Kohli has played 13 innings, but only 1 half-century has come from his bat, which was very slow. He has so far scored only 236 runs in these 13 innings, in which his average is only 19 and strike rate is only 113.