Bad news for PUBG Lite fans, game will not be able to play from today

PUBG Lite developers announced last month that the game will be discontinued today, i.e. April 29. In a termination schedule shared by the developers on March 30, the team announced that the website would be shut down first, followed by the game’s service on April 29. PUBG Lite is a light version of PUBG, which was designed to play on a low-end PC setup. It was designed to be similar to PUBG in terms of looks and gameplay. However, it was a completely free-to-play game, that is, all the elements of this game were free.

In September last year in India PUBG Mobile Ban The company has since been working on the return of the game to the country. PUBG: New State Key Declaration During the company said that it is still in the country on PUBG Mobile India Focus Still working. At the same time, PUBG was not banned on PC and PUBG Lite helped to maintain the popularity of mobile version reduced by ban.

Today, the game will be closed by developers on 29 April Declaration And today the game service was also discontinued at 10:30 am Indian time. This means that players will no longer be able to play matches in games and will also not be able to spend their in-game currency. The service of the game has been discontinued and according to the company, player support for PUBG Lite will also be discontinued from May 29, after which the game launched in India in July 2019 will be completely finished. However of PUBG Lite Facebook page It will continue even after it is closed.

Game company Krafton has not issued any statement about why the game is being shut down completely. The game became quite popular soon after launch, as it ran smoothly on low-end PCs. On top of that it was also a free-to-play game. In December last year, developers scrapped the L-COIN (paid cash) currency system designed to buy skin and costume in order to make the game 100 percent free-to-play.

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