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Bad news for PUBG Lite players, game will be closed till 29th April

There is a disappointing news for PUBG Lite players. PubG Lite, the light version of PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG), designed for systems with low-end specifications, will be discontinued from April 29 onwards. The developers gave this information through a fan post. Player support will end on May 29. The announcement was made a day after the webpage was closed. Those who have the game installed in their system will be able to continue playing the game and spend the in-game credits normally until termination. Publisher Krafton has not given a reason for this plan to permanently shut down the game.

The developers had closed the webpage of PUBG Lite before the announcement. Service Termination (Termination of Service) on the official website Notice As of now, no new update or download will be available. However, those who already have the game installed on the system will be able to play the game till April 29, 5 am (10:30 am Indian time). In addition, player support for the game will also be discontinued from May 29.

Krafton says the developers are deeply saddened by this difficult decision. He told the players in the announcement that they would be able to play the game normally until termination and use their remaining L-COIN in-game credits. It has also been reported that PUBG Lite Facebook page The game will continue to run even after the service is stopped. The company launched the L-COIN (paid cash) top-up system in November last year. has been closed Was and became a completely free game. Due to this, all the content and items in this game were made free from November.

Let’s say that Krafton in India Bain Trouble to bring PUBG mobile game back in the country Effort Has been doing. Chinese tech giant Tencent Tencent recently said that PUBG’s mobile version, PUBG Mobile, has launched outside China. Over 1 billion (1 billion) downloads , Making it one of the most successful mobile games worldwide.<!–


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