Bajaj Auto will launch its first electric three-wheeler autorickshaw in early 2023!

Bajaj’s three-wheeler autorickshaw could be seen plying on the Indian roads early next year. After electric scooters, motorcycles and four-wheelers, companies are now preparing to bring EVs in the three-wheeler segment as well. Bajaj Auto has announced that it may launch its first electric three-wheeler autorickshaw in the first quarter of 2023. This electric autorickshaw can be launched in many models. The company has said that it is in the process of launching a lineup of low passenger autorickshaw, high passenger autorickshaw and cargo type autorickshaw. But first of all, it has been said to start with a few passenger autorickshaws.

Work on Bajaj Electric Auto Rikshaw is going on for a long time. The company has been doing trials for this for many years. According to the news, the company was preparing to launch it before the start of the Corona epidemic (COVID-19), but after the epidemic, the company’s operations slowed down and the project took more time. Now the company is moving towards the final stage of development of this three wheeler. Bajaj Auto says that it will have taken all the approvals for this electric three wheeler by the end of 2022 and will take the EV on the roads by early 2023.

The recently released data from Bajaj shows that the company has a market share of 62 percent in the traditional three wheeler market in India. Globally too, the company is a leader in this segment in many countries where the transport system mostly depends on three wheelers. Apart from this, the company is emphasizing on bringing fixed battery technology in its electric cars. The company says that swappable batteries may not work at the present time. However, after some time the company is talking about switching to the swappable battery system itself.

Talking about electric three-wheelers in the commercial segment in India, Euler Motors recently launched its cargo three-wheeler HiLoad EV. According to the company, it is the cargo e-vehicle with the highest payload capacity in India. This electric three wheeler is powered by a 12.4 kWh battery that gives a range of 150 km on a single charge. The special feature of the EV is its IP67 certified battery, so that it can run even in waterlogged conditions. The vehicle has a front disc brake of 200mm. Its motor generates 88.55Nm torque and 10.96kW power, which makes it a powerful electric cargo three wheeler.



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