Balveer Returns Balveer becomes Kaal, is this character of Dev Joshi inspired by Ranveer Singh’s Khilji?

People love the actor Dev Joshi, who plays Balveer in the Sony Sab TV show Balveer Returns. He has created a special place in everyone’s hearts through his brilliant acting. Recently, the track of death of Balveer was shown. But soon after Balveer’s death, Dev Joshi returned to the show with seven new characters. One of these seven characters is the character of Kaal. Kaal will be completely different from the way Balveer was portrayed as a messiah in the serial.

Dev Joshi’s new character Kaal wants to rule the whole universe by spreading the shadow of his evil powers. Many fans of Balveer are comparing this new form of Kaal as Khilji of the film Padmavat. Let me tell you, in the film Padmavat, Bollywood’s famous actor Ranveer Singh played the role of Allauddin Khilji.


Kaal and Khilji are different

When Dev Joshi was asked about his new form, he said, “There is no similarity between Kaal and Khilji, both are different.” Alauddin Khilji was a Mughal king and is depicted from the Kaal universe. For the first time you will see the look of both of them may look the same, but as you watch the episode, Kaal will find it completely different from Khilji as both of his characters are completely different. It is seen that both these characters are excellent in their own right but they are completely different from each other.



Credit given to the VFX team for the look of the era

When Dev was asked about the killing of Balveer and this new form of Kaal, he said, “I liked knowing about this new track and I was very happy too.” But I also knew that bringing this new form of time into reality would be quite challenging for me and our entire team, but I was convinced that I have a very good VFX team and together we will play this challenge well. Balveer’s dying track was a little emotional but as an actor, I am very happy for this new character.

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