Bappi Lahiri Net Worth: Bappi Lahiri was the owner of crores of assets, had a collection of luxury vehicles

Bappi Lahiri earned a lot of name from his talent and brilliant singing. Today even though he has left us all, but his songs will always be in our memory.

Bappi Lahiri

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Bappi Lahiri (Bappi Lahiri) Today we all have left. Lata Mangeshkar (Lata Mangeshkar) After his departure, the music industry has again suffered a major setback today. Let us tell you that Bappi has given many hit songs in his career which are still in the hearts of the fans. Not only this, he was such a singer who used to sing songs even for today’s generation and he is also very much liked. Bappi was one of the highest-paid singers in the Bollywood industry. Today let us tell you about Bappi’s net worth and how much he used to charge for a song.

caknowledge According to the report of Bappi’s net worth is 22 crores. He used to charge 8-10 lakh rupees for a song in films. Bappi’s monthly salary was more than 20 lakhs and for the year more than 2 crores.


Bappi lived in a luxury house in Mumbai. He bought this house in the year 2001. The price of this property is 3.5 crores. Apart from this, Bappi also has properties in many cities in the country, although not much is known about them.


According to the report of caknowledge, Bappi had a good collection of luxury vehicles. He has 5 vehicles which included cars like BMW, Audi. Apart from this, he also had a Tesla X car which was worth 55 lakhs.

how was the income

Bappi used to earn not only by singing songs. He also used to earn handsomely by judging reality TV shows, giving live performances, producing music and acting.

love gold

Bappi had a lot of gold. He loved gold jewelery and used to wear a lot of jewellery. Many times people used to ask him questions about his style, then he used to say that he likes to wear gold jewellery. Not only this, sometimes if he was impressed by someone’s work, he used to give them his jewelery too. Let us inform that according to the election affidavit filed in the year 2014, Bappi had about 754 grams of gold.

ill on tuesday

According to the report of PTI, Bappi died at Criticare Hospital in Mumbai. Singer was admitted in the hospital for a month, but he was discharged on Monday. However, on Tuesday, his condition started deteriorating and then he was brought back to the hospital. He had many problems.

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