BCCI failure, players’ GPS device malfunction

Corona virus The whole world is appalled by the growing outbreak of. In such a situation, how would the Indian Premiere League remain untouched. In two days, 7 members of four teams have been caught in the virus. After which the world’s largest cricket league has been postponed. Now such a question arises that when all the teams were in the bio bubble and were cut off from the rest of the world, how did the players get caught in the virus. After this, questions on the security arrangements of the BCCI are bound to arise. Because now another serious matter has come to light.

GPS device malfunction

Last year when the Kovid-19 epidemic caused IPL (IPL) was held in the UAE. At that time all the teams were still in the bio bubble. Then all the Franchises were given a GPS device (FOB). Which was mandatory for all players and supporting staff to wear.

So where are the players and staff and where are they going. May all these things be known. But, according to a recent report, this device has been found to be of very minor status. All the franchisees have complained that this device is not tracking the movement in the same way.

GPS data not found


Franchisees were given GPS devices. It is exactly like the wristbands and is connected to an app in the mobile phone through Bluetooth. Whereby any person is going to get information about this. If a player leaves the bio bubble and exits with the use of this device, then he can get his information immediately. However, no data is being received from this band. In such a report, the battery of the device must have been depleted. But, why was this not taken into consideration while organizing such a big tournament.

Questions arising on BCCI

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When even the world’s largest cricket board BCCI could not use a small GPS properly, then how can it be said that it can conduct an entire tournament very comfortably. This device has been in use for two years. Despite this, it was found lacking. Also, despite being in the bio bubble, the players got into the corona infection. Due to which the IPL had to be canceled. A major problem has arisen from this. Because international cricket will start soon.

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