BCCI Headquarters affected by the third wave of COVID-19

in India of COVID-19 Due to increasing outbreak of BCCI Headquarters (BCCI Headquarters) has also been affected. in India The cases of Kovid-19 are increasing rapidly, due to which the pressure on hospitals and testing centers is increasing continuously. The Indian government is taking full measures to deal with it. BCCI and MCA Mumbai Cricket Association have taken an important step to avoid the growing outbreak of Kovid-19.

BCCI Headquarters will be closed

in India COVID-19 The outbreak has started increasing again. Which raised the concern of the common people. People have not already been able to recover from the impact of Corona, while the third wave of Corona along with the new variant Omicron has knocked more. In the grip of which the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI Headquarters) and the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) office has also arrived. In which there were about fifteen MCA employees and three BCCI staff have been found to be Kovid positive.

On this whole matter, MCA Secretary Sanjay Naik informed the members of the Apex Council about this matter. He told that all the three BCCI employees who have been found to be Kovid-19 positive have been quarantined. Earlier, the President of BCCI had written a letter to the state units and informed about the situation of Kovid-19. The domestic cricket tournament Ranji Trophy had to be postponed due to the increasing cases of Kovid-19.

Domestic cricket was postponed due to Kovid-19

in India COVID-19 The cases are increasing continuously. In view of which the state governments are taking strict action. The third wave of corona epidemic has entered India. The Central Government and the State Government have started preparations to deal with Corona. Due to Kovid-19, the Ranji Trophy and the CK Naidu Trophy were postponed. So that players and staff can be saved from falling prey to it.

President of BCCI Sourav Ganguly (Sourav Ganguly) has written a letter to the state associations on the postponement of the domestic tournament. In which he has assured the state units that the domestic tournament will be resumed as soon as the Kovid-19 situation is brought under control. Ranji Trophy and domestic tournaments were postponed in view of the increasing outbreak of Kovid-19 in India. The same today the Board of Control for Cricket in India in the grip of Kovid-19 (BCCI Headquarters) and the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) office has also arrived. In which many employees were found to be Corona positive. Taking a tough step, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has closed the office for three days.