BCCI issued corona guidelines for domestic season to all state associations

After coming back on the track of international cricket amid Covid-19, now India’s domestic season is also going to start. But before this, the BCCI has issued guidelines for Kovid-19 to all the state associations before the upcoming domestic season. India’s home season begins on September 20 with the Women’s Under-19 ODI and the Vinoo Mankad Trophy (Men’s Under-19). The board has made strict rules to conduct these events in a safe manner, so that the global pandemic does not affect the tournament.

Cannot use public transport

The situation of Covid-19 in India is under control. But it still has an effect in some places. In such a situation, BCCI has resumed India’s domestic season. But strict rules have been issued for all the members participating in it. In a letter seen by Cricbuzz, the BCCI said,

“Use of public transport. Share rides (Uber, Ola, etc.), trains, local bus networks etc. are strictly prohibited during the tournament.

Quarantine period will be of 6 days

In order to conduct the domestic season safely, the BCCI has asked all the state associations that the players will have to stay in the quarantine period of 6 days after reaching the hotel. If a player’s Kovid report comes positive, then he will have to undergo isolation for 10 days. BCCI Said in a detailed advice of,

“All players and support staff will have to be quarantined in their respective hotel rooms for 6 days after their arrival at the hotel. Upon arrival and before starting any training activities, all players and team support staff who will be included in the bio bubble will be subject to the COVID-19 RT-PCR test plan. A nasopharyngeal swab will be taken for the test. The test report is available within 12-24 hours after the sample is taken.

“In case of a positive result of COVID-19, the member should isolate for 10 days and consult the local health authorities. During their 10-day isolation period, the RT-PCR test will have to be repeated, at least 24 hours apart, on the 9th and 10th day.

“Provided the player has been without any symptoms associated with COVID-19 for more than 24 hours, has not taken any medication in the last 24 hours and both test reports come back negative, he may be allowed to join his team. can.”

Players will go out wearing PPE kit


The BCCI has further said that if any player has to go to the hospital in the middle of the tournament, then they will have to wear PPE kit. So that he stays safe from Kovid-19.

“In exceptional circumstances, if players have to go to the hospital for a scan or any other treatment, a special area will be created to protect them from close contact with people, which will keep them safe outside the bio bubble. Players and team staff will have to wear PPE (face mask and gloves) during hospital visits.

“20 players will be eligible for match fee (Playing XI will be eligible for 100 per cent while rest 9 players will get 50 per cent fee). If a cricketer from Team India is sent by the BCCI to participate in domestic cricket, he/she will be eligible for match fees in excess of 20 players depending on the playing XI and non-playing XI position in the matches.

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