BCCI may have to take steps regarding testing in bio bubble

IPL 2021 seems to be in the grip of Kovid-19 right now, as bad news from one Kovid-positive one after another is coming from Bio Bubble. As a result, the match to be played on Monday between KKR VS RCB has been postponed. But in the meantime, a big concern has come to light that the first positive report is coming through testing and the report is coming negative the very next day.

Treading in testing

Amidst worsening situation of corona virus BCCI The BCCI decided to hold IPL 2021 in a secure environment of bio bubble. But now questions have been raised on the security of bio bubble. In fact, the corona report of 3 members of Chennai Super Kings team in Delhi came positive, which included bus driver, bowling coach Balaji and CEO Kashi Vishwanathan.

NT-PCR test of these three came positive, but then Rapid Antigen Test negative came, due to which questions are being raised on the testing being done by the franchisees. Now if the report of the team members, including 3 positive members of Chennai Super Kings, comes negative even in tomorrow’s Test, then BCCI will need to take a tough decision on this.

Multiple tests are being done before reaching the result.

Chennai Super Kings have so far conducted the Kovid-19 test twice within 48 hours, with RT-PCR reporting positive and Rapid Antigen test reported negative. In this way, due to different results, the franchise is conducting multiple tests before reaching any result, so that the danger can be averted.

However, this is not the first time this season when reports have seen a positive-negative affair. Earlier, something similar happened with Delhi Capitals fast bowler Enrique Nortje. When he came to India, he was a Kovid-19 negative, but then his report came positive in Quarantine and then for three consecutive days.

BCCI may have to take strict steps


Corona virus The Mahmahi is creating new records in India every day. Millions of people are getting infected every day and thousands of people are dying in the country. On the other hand, question marks have also been raised on the safety of bio bubble. If all the Chennai members come to Kovid-19 negative, then the BCCI may have to take tough measures on the testing process.

After 2 players from Kolkata Knight Riders came to Kovid positive, now sources have feared that some players from another team staying in Ahmedabad’s Bio Bubble may be Corona positive.

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