BCCI misses in these places in IPL 2021: REPORTS

in India Corona virus BCCI conducted IPL 2021 in a secure environment of bio bubble amidst the second wave of. But after 29 matches, the bio bubble broke and successive Covid positive cases occurred, leading to the Board taking a major decision to postpone the tournament. So now the question arises as to where the board missed, due to which the bio bubble broke.

These big omissions from BCCI

Fans are disappointed due to the postponement of IPL 2021 and the Cricket Board of India is also going to suffer heavy losses. In such a situation, the question arises that finally within the bio bubble BCCI Due to what was missed, the players and support staff present in the safe environment got hit by Corona. According to the Times of India,

“The hotel staff was not quarantined before the check in, the ground staff was not housed inside the bio bubble, some commentators traveled from economy class to travel from one city to another, the BCCI said for security I did not hire any IT and safety assets like IPL 2020. ”

IPL 2020 was held in Kovid itself


The Corona virus started terrorizing itself in India last year. which led BCCI Organized IPL 2020 in UAE. Whereas, the entire tournament was played in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai only. One thing to note is that the last time any player had to travel by air during tournament matches, the chances of the kovid spreading were low and the tournament could be held successfully.

At the same time, IPL 2021 matches were being held in different cities, due to which players had to travel from one city to another. Eventually, the BCCI had to take a decision to postpone the tournament due to the break in the bio bubble.

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