BCI said- examination is mandatory for final and intermediate students of LLB, universities should decide the mode of examination

The Bar Council of India on Thursday said it is mandatory for all law schools or universities to conduct a final examination, and universities and legal education centers are free to determine the mode of examination. The decision comes after the BCI resolved to consider the issue of examination for LLB students in detail and accept the report of the high level committee appointed to submit its report.

The high level committee headed by Justice Govind Mathur, former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court has also resolved that each university or legal education center, depending on the availability, resources and the impact of COVID-19 in that area, has an intermediate and final Years will conduct the examination for the students as per their arrangement.

In addition, recommendations have been made by the committee to the universities to ensure that sufficient time gap exists between regular and backlog examinations to avoid inconvenience to the students.

The Bar Council of India had constituted a high level committee of experts after receiving thousands of letters from students and colleges on the point of LLB exams and promotions. The Committee was appointed to consider the issue in detail and submit its report, so that the Council can take a final decision in the matter and place its views before the Delhi High Court and/or other Courts as and when required.

After considering the report submitted on 8 June 2021, the Bar Council of India resolved to accept the report of the Committee in its entirety.

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