Beautiful practice? Why questions were raised on this thinking of the director who made ‘Balika Vadhu’

The 1976 film Balika Vadhu Ki Kahani tried to divert people from the truth. The director of the film Tarun Majumdar had brought a beautiful story of child marriage to the people.

Mumbai: It is said that there is no age for love, but marriage is there and it should be. child marriage Right or wrong, this issue has been discussed and debated for centuries. But now the situation has changed and the government has fixed a right age for marriage. But there was a time when child marriage was considered the best decision for the future of the children. Many people have come forward and fought a long battle to stop this practice.

Everyone will remember the small screen serial ‘Balika Vadhu’. This serial, which came in 2008, was liked in every house and the story of the show had left a deep impression on the minds of the people. Believe me, people were so attached to this serial that if Anandi of the show was in trouble, then the people sitting at home also felt bad. An attempt was made to give a message to the society through its story.

A social message was given after the end of each episode. Which was prepared with pure words. This story told everyone that child marriage is a bad idea. It was such a practice that used to ruin the lives of many children. Due to this practice, so many minor girls even lost their lives. Through child marriage, girls were pushed towards the darkness of life. It was always an offensive idea.

But on the one hand, where many people find this practice wrong, on the other hand, film director Tarun Majumdar’s thinking is a bit different. He made the film Balika Vadhu in 1976. This film was liked a lot because its story was completely beyond the truth. This was a story which showed that child marriage is a beautiful practice. Where two teenage married couple are enjoying their marriage.

Both of them are so lost in each other that they have no sense of themselves. On one hand, where the boy is shown doing his studies, on the other hand, the girl is seen performing all the duties of being his wife. Seeing this story, it seems that the director was trying to show that the secret of a successful marriage is to get the children married at an early age so that they are left with no other option.

Childhood love is understandable, but childhood marriage raises questions. Similarly, it has been shown in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavat that the practice of Jauhar used to be a matter of pride. Instead of stopping this practice, the story of this film was shown in such a way that Johar should be persuaded. If there is a difficult time, then women should commit Jauhar.