Before Pakistan’s defeat, Team India’s Jai-Jai, noise in Guwahati, silence in Lahore

The Indian team’s match in Guwahati started before the match between Pakistan and England in Lahore. Now in this sense, before the defeat of Pakistan, the victory of Team India was seen.

India won before Pakistan was beaten by England

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on 2 october India And the teams of Pakistan were on the cricket field. Not face to face but against different opponents. Here in Guwahati, the Indian team had landed against South Africa and in Lahore, Pakistan was facing the challenge of England. There was a difference of about an hour between the timing of both the matches. Meaning the match of the Indian team in Guwahati started before the match between Pakistan and England in Lahore. Now in this sense, before the defeat of Pakistan, the victory of Team India was seen. That is, India won its match against South Africa before the 67-run defeat to Pakistan on the other hand.

The matches held on 2 October in both Guwahati and Lahore were similar from the point of view of India and Pakistan. For both the arch-rivals, this match was important in terms of seal on the series. Team India understood this importance very well and captured the series. But Pakistan had to face defeat, as the T20 series slipped from their hands.

Runs rained from Guwahati to Lahore

The amazing thing is that whether the match was played in Guwahati or Lahore, both were high scoring. There were runs in both. In the match between India and South Africa, runs rained from the bats of Indian batsmen, while the people of South Africa did not bite less. Both India and South Africa scored 200 plus. On the other hand, runs were also scored in the match between Pakistan and England but only England team could score 200 plus.

Team India’s Jai-Jai before Pakistan’s defeat

So as you must have understood that why we are saying that even before the defeat of Pakistan, Team India got a victory. Actually, the match in Guwahati ended before Lahore, in which India beat South Africa by 16 runs. Batting first, the Indian team scored 237 runs for 3 wickets in 20 overs. In response, the South African team came to a standstill after scoring 221 for 3 in 20 overs even after David Miller’s thumping century. With this win, India took an unassailable 2-0 lead in the 3-match T20I series.

After the result of the India-South Africa second T20I, there was news of Pakistan losing the last match of the 7th T20I series from Lahore. Playing first, England had scored 209 runs for 3 wickets in 20 overs, in response Pakistan 8. Scored 142 runs for the loss of wickets. And, thus losing the match by 67 runs, Pakistan also lost the series 4-3. This is Pakistan’s first T20 series defeat at home this year. This series was important for the preparations for the T20 World Cup, but in the true sense, this series was going to open the poles of Pakistan’s preparations.

The noise of victory in Guwahati, fans stunned by the defeat in Lahore

However, on the victory of India, where the noise in Guwahati was not taking the name of stopping, the defeat of the Pakistani team was stunned by the people of Lahore. He was surprised at his team’s preparations and his approach to cricket. Before the T20 World Cup, Babar Azam’s team was defeated at home Pakistan There is anger in the people. Some are blaming the middle order of the team and some are blaming the bowling. Some are justifying the team’s dependence on Babar and Rizwan, while some are venting their anger on poor fielding. But, the truth is, there are many problems in Pakistan’s team, if they do not win the World Cup. And, the way Team India has been hailed in Guwahati before its defeat at the hands of England in Lahore, it is clear that the tricolor will be in Melbourne on 23 October.