Before the T20 World Cup, there will be a match between India and Pakistan, know on which day there will be a high voltage collision

India and Pakistan will clash in Asia Cup on August 28!

Image Credit source: AFP

There is going to be a collision once again between India and Pakistan. According to the news, both the teams are going to meet on August 28 in the Asia Cup.

India and Pakistan are going to face each other once again. According to the news, this collision is going to happen next month. This match will be played in the Asia Cup, which will start in Sri Lanka from August 27. These two top teams of Asia will face each other on August 28.

Let us tell you that the Asia Cup will be played in T20 format. This tournament will be very important in terms of preparations for the T20 World Cup. At the same time, India-Pakistan teams will face each other for the first time after the T20 World Cup 2021, in which Team India was defeated by 10 wickets.

By the way, after the Asia Cup, Team India and Pakistan will compete in the T20 World Cup 2022 as well. This match will be held on 23rd October at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Meaning the fans are going to see the India-Pakistan clash twice in two months.