Belarus Embassy in Britain attacked, a diplomat seriously injured, British consulate summoned

The embassy of Belarus located in the UK capital London has been attacked. Belarus has expressed displeasure over this attack and has summoned the British Deputy Ambassador present here.

The Embassy of Belarus in the UK (File Photo)

Belarus has said that its embassy in Britain has been attacked. A Belarus diplomat was also seriously injured in this attack (Attack on Belarus Embassy). At the same time, Minsk has summoned the British charge d’affaires and demanded a thorough investigation after the attack in London. Belarus said a group of people damaged the front of the embassy building. In addition, some diplomats were also attacked.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website that it had summoned a British diplomat to Minsk to protest the incident in London on Sunday evening. Also demanded an inquiry into the attack on the embassy. “A group of people first damaged the front part of the embassy building and then attacked Belarusian diplomats who arrived at the scene,” the official statement said. One of the diplomats suffered serious injuries and needed immediate medical attention. In this attack, he broke one of his nose and fractured his teeth.

Some of the attackers were taken into custody

It has been told in media reports that some of the attackers who were trying to escape from the scene of the attack were detained by the Metropolitan Police. The suspected attackers are said to be part of a Belarusian immigrant group in the UK. Belarus is headed by President Alexander Lukashenko. He is called the last dictator of Europe. In recent times, the migrant crisis has arisen because of his government in Europe. The Lukashenkos have gathered thousands of migrants along the border with Poland and Lithuania and are pressuring them to send them to the European Union.

British troops sent to Belarus

Lukashenko wants to remove the restrictions imposed on his country through this. However, the European Union is not bowing to this pressure and is increasing the number of troops along the border with Belarus. In this episode, a week ago, Britain sent its troops to Poland and Lithuania. Britain’s Defense Ministry announced that 140 military engineers were being sent to Poland, as well as a separate team to Lithuania. It said Poland and Lithuania, along with their Baltic neighbor Latvia, are under significant pressure from immigration from Belarus and these migrants have been facilitated by the Lukashenko regime for several months.

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