Bengal: Rigging revealed in Tet exam result, successful candidate got 109 percent marks

The West Bengal Board of Primary Education has released the marksheet of TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) for the year 2014, in which a student has got 109 percent marks in the secondary class.

Photo: Tate marksheet.

Image Credit source: Tv 9 Bharatvarsh

Allegations of leak of question paper of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) board of Education Already embroiled in controversy. Meanwhile, the Board of Primary Education on Monday 2014 Tet (Teacher Eligibility Test) has released the break-up of scores of those who passed. This has given rise to a new controversy. It is seen in the list that a job seeker Higher Secondary 10.960 were obtained as marks. Means 109 percent marks have been obtained.

As soon as this controversy started, the Board of Primary Education came to the meeting to give a quick explanation. Board’s Deputy Secretary Partha Karmakar has given clarification on this matter and said that appropriate action is being taken in this matter.

The candidate got 109 percent marks in the account of higher secondary

Partha Karmakar said, “Five marks are allotted for secondary. 10 marks are allotted for Higher Secondary. There are five marks for TET, 15 marks for training, five marks for viva, five marks for aptitude and five marks for extracurricular. The calculation is done on the basis of total 50 marks. We had published the list yesterday on the orders of the court. It has come to our notice that some people have been given more than ten marks in high school. We are taking appropriate action from the board, because there cannot be more than ten. Somewhere there has been a mistake. There might be a technical error. We are trying to fix it.”

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The board started action, ordered an inquiry

It is to be noted that a score is given in TET on the basis of marks obtained in secondary or higher secondary. In such a case, the aggregate marks in Madhyamik and the marks obtained in TET, whichever is out of five in the integrated rule, are given. Similarly, in case of Higher Secondary, the total marks and obtained marks are given out of 10 but in this case it is seen in the published list of the board that out of 10 allotted for Higher Secondary a job seeker will get 10.96 marks have met. However, the board is calling the whole matter a technical glitch. If the job seeker actually got 10.96 marks for higher secondary, then it is likely that the marks obtained will be added to the total of 50. If this number is corrected later, then the rank of the job seeker may also be pushed back in the list.