‘Bharat Mata Puja’ will be held in the primary schools of Gujarat! Opposition to the instructions of the Education Department

The ‘Bharat Mata Puja’ campaign was started by the All India National Teachers’ Federation (ABRSM), a branch of RSS.

Bharat Mata Puja will be held in the primary schools of Gujarat

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In order to ‘inculcate the spirit of nationalism’, the Gujarat Primary Education Department has directed schools to organize ‘Bharat Mata Puja’ from today i.e. August 1. This has been done as part of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. Although, Gujarat Education Department This directive of the government has faced strong opposition from the minority community. He says that this direction is completely one-sided, unfair and unconstitutional. Actually, behind this instruction, a branch of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is involved.

This campaign was started by All India National Teachers Federation (ABRSM), a branch of RSS. After this, instructions were given to the education officers of all the districts by the Commissionerate of Schools and the Office of the Director of Primary Education on July 25 to participate in the ‘Bharat Mata Puja’ campaign. The letter issued by the Commissionerate of Schools said, ‘As part of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, schools should perform Bharat Mata Puja from 1st August 2022 and organize speeches on the subject.’

Officers’ meeting was held regarding worship

The letter further said, ‘A petition for this has been sent by the National Teachers’ Federation. To support the federation and ignite the spirit of nationalism, schools should ensure that such programs are organized for the students. According to a letter from the Joint Director of Primary Education, on July 22, a meeting was called between ABRSM, Gujarat’s education minister and officials of the state’s primary education department to discuss the issue.

The letter issued by the Commissionerate of Schools regarding the meeting said, ‘It was decided in the meeting that the Primary Education Department would participate in this event in the interest of nationalism. Therefore, schools should ensure that students participate enthusiastically in the programs to be organized from August 1 and give speeches on the subject along with respect to Mother India.

What did the Jamiat-Ulema-Gujarat say?

Jamiat-Ulema-Gujarat has termed this directive as unconstitutional and unfair. It met the Joint Director of Secondary Education on 28 July. The Jamiat-Ulema-Gujarat essentially objected to the idol worship of Mother India during this period. It said it enthusiastically welcomes any other program as part of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.

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