Bharti Singh Controversies: Bharti Singh has hurt religious sentiments even before, read comedian-related controversies from slap to drugs

Comedian Bharti Singh

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In a chat show with Jasmine Bhasin, comedian Bharti Singh made fun of people having beards and mustaches. Due to this joke of hers, she is getting trolled a lot on social media.

Comedy queen Bharti Singh is such a name in the world of TV, which brings a smile to the faces of people as soon as they come on stage. In the Forbes list of the year 2019, Bharti’s name was included in the list of 100 stars who earn the most in the year. Recently, due to comedy on “Beard and Mustache”, she has once again come under controversy. The SGPC has also decided to take action for his remarks on the comedian. Let us tell you, this is not the first time that the name of comedian Bharti Singh has been associated with any controversy. Even before this, his name has come in controversies many times, so let’s take a look at the controversies associated with comedian Bharti Singh,

drugs case

In 2021, the NCB also placed Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa in judicial custody due to the drugs found in the raids. However, Bharati and her husband Harsh were granted bail by the magistrate’s court and both of them started their work immediately after getting bail.

Siddharth Sagar had slapped

In the year 2019, comedian Siddharth Sagar slapped Bharti in the middle of a comedy act. Bharti and Siddharth have appeared together in shows like Comedy Circus, Comedy Classes and Comedy Nights. During a performance in a show, according to the script, Sagar was supposed to give a fake slap to Bharti. But Sagar slapped Bharti real instead of fake slap. After the act was over, Bharti Singh talked about leaving the show. If reports are to be believed, Bharti had put a condition in front of the Optimistic Production House that she should choose either Bharti or Siddharth. The production house had removed Siddharth Sagar from the show while keeping Bharti in the show. After this dispute, the conversation between Bharti and Siddharth was stopped.

hurt religious sentiments

In the year 2019, in Farah Khan’s show called Back Bencher, Farah, Bharti Singh and Raveena Tandon had to make fun of the Bible word Hallelujah. During the spelling competition, Bharti had written the wrong spelling of this word, then Raveena wrote this word with the correct spelling. After this episode was streamed online, a case was registered against Farah Khan, Raveena Tandon and Bharti Singh for hurting religious sentiments. After the controversy escalated, Raveena and Farah apologized and tried to erase the whole matter.

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Demand to remove Kapil Sharma from show

At the time when a case was registered against Bharti for hurting religious sentiments, Bharti was a part of comedian Kapil Sharma’s show. During that time, people had filed a petition against Bharti on the website for Bharti to be removed from the show. Keeping this protest of the people in mind, Bharti Singh was kept away from the show for a few episodes.