Bharti Singh On Pregnancy: Bharti Singh is troubled by food cravings, said- eating two or three vada pavs a day ..

Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa had been dreaming a lot for their future child for many years. Recently, while giving good news to the fans, he said that soon they are going to be two to three.

Bharti Singh is troubled by food cravings

Bharti Singh is waiting for the arrival of her first child in this world with her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa. Recently, comedian Bharti shared how she is taking care of herself during pregnancy. She said that she is eating healthy and doing yoga. Along with yoga, she is also doing workouts and following all the instructions given by her doctor so that she can have a normal delivery. However, his food cravings are not leaving him.

A fear is also haunting Bharti, who is taking care of herself. Bharti is very scared and worried about the rising Kovid cases in the country. She fears how she will take care of herself if the lockdown is announced again. Recently, Bharti told in an interview given to that, “I wake up early in the morning. I go for a walk and then I eat soaked almonds and something healthy like sprouts, lots of fruits or juice for breakfast.

Eat healthy food every day

Bharti said that after breakfast she eats bajra, jowar, corn rotis for lunch. She is trying to stay healthy as much as possible. Bharti says that I do not trust anyone to give food on time. I myself make sure because I know that in such a situation the one who can take care of me the most is myself. However, Bharti, who generally eats healthy food, has not been able to escape from food cravings.

Bharti Singh can eat two or three vada pav a day

Talking about her food cravings, Bharti said, “I have a great desire to eat Vada Pav. I can eat Vada Pav thrice a day with Spicy Lasoon Chutney and Cold Drink. But I know that at this time I cannot drink cold drinks. (The child will become black will not)” However, Bharti added that “we do not care about the color of the child or the boy girl. Only our future baby should be healthy.”

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