Bheed Powerful Dialogues: ‘Yahan Kundali Nahi Kanoon Chalta Hai’, 5 powerful dialogues from the film ‘Bheed’

Bheed Movie Dialogues: You will be reminded of the Corona era after watching the film ‘Bheed’. It is shown in the film how during the lockdown, borders were built on the borders of our own country, where people from outside were not allowed to enter their own homes.

Rajkumar Rao – Mob

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Rajkumar Rao Movie Collection: Raj Kumar Rao And Bhumi Pednekar a film by ‘Crowd’ It has been released in theaters after a lot of controversies. The situations arising during the Corona tragedy are shown in the film. The story of the film reminds of 24 March 2020 when a situation of lockdown had arisen in the entire country. People want to leave everything and return to their homes, but they are kept outside their own homes. There are many powerful dialogues in the film which will remind you of the pain of that corona pandemic.

‘One day suddenly these people came to know that their house is not there where they used to live’

‘ Those who have come out to go to their village. Due to going to work, he can neither live in the city nor go to the house where he was born. Seeing the helplessness of the migrant laborers, the journalist covering this incident is seen saying this.

‘Border has become inside our own country’

It is seen in the film that the police had demarcated every village and state. Thousands of people were waiting to go to their own homes on the border of the village. During this, when the news of opening the border comes, then one gets to hear this dialogue from the mouth of the disappointed Trivedi Babu (Pankaj Kapur).

‘Look at this field, a Hindu is buried there, he had to stay in his own field, now he has to go out of his own field’

This is what the photographer who captured the condition of the people in his camera during the Corona period said. On the one hand, seeing the people sitting in the fields near the border of the village because of not being allowed to go to their homes, the photographer tells his reporter that I will give you a wonderful photo. See that Hindu is buried there, he had to live in his fields even after his death, so he kept them there and these people who are present there have to go out of their fields to save their lives.

‘The law does not work here’

When Trivedi Babu (Pankaj Kapur) angrily tells the police officer who got him down from the bus, how dare you touch me? We are Trivedi, we will spoil your horoscope. Answering them, Surya Kumar Tikas says that the law does not work here.

‘Shoot Puri, don’t even get fruits’

Due to the closure of houses and hotels, it also becomes difficult to get food. Then an elderly man says that if some pooris were available for the children, then they get the answer that shoot the pooris, even fruits are not available here.