Bheed Review: Anubhav Sinha ‘Bheed’ describes the pain of Korana epidemic, memories of lockdown will be fresh

Anubhav Sinha Bheed Review: The time of Corona was painful for the whole world. India also fought its own battle with this deadly disease. However, now that era has passed. But the memories of lockdown are still present in the minds of most people. People have lost one or the other close to them in this pandemic.

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Rajkumar Rao Bheed Review: People’s life had come to a standstill during Corona. Of course, after the removal of the lockdown, the fear of corona has gone out of people’s hearts. But this disease has changed the lives of hundreds of people. With such an interesting story, the film Rush has knocked on the screen. Black and white, this film has once again scratched the memories of Corona.

Know what is the story of the film

Talking about the story of the film, the film begins with the announcement of the lockdown on 24 March 2020. In such a situation, on hearing the name of the lockdown, the livelihood of the laborers stops. Due to which the laborers from far flung areas start running towards their homes i.e. towards the villages. On one hand, everyone from the rich to the poor is in a hurry to reach home, while on the other hand, the police is seen getting crushed between the system and the public. Meanwhile, media reports are on the field with full enthusiasm and are trying to present every incident truthfully in front of the audience. During this we can see that a rich mother has set out to pick up her trapped daughter in her hostel. So on the other hand her husband tries to take advantage of her helplessness for divorce. However, in this era of epidemic, no one’s money, power and status are of any use. One thing is being seen in everyone’s mind and that is fear for Karona virus.

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Rajkumar Rao appeared in the role of a strong police officer

The story of the film mob seems to be revolving around the police in-charge Surya Kumar Singh (Rajkummar Rao). Surya Kumar Singh has been made in charge of a checkpost. This checkpost is located on the border of the states. This checkpost has been sealed due to Corona. At the same time, Surya Kumar falls in love with Dr. Renu Sharma (Bhumi Pednekar), who treats Corona patients. In such a situation, Diya Mirza’s entry is made in the Fortuner car at the border while on duty. Diya, who belongs to the high society class, wants to cross the border to pick up her daughter who is stuck in her hostel. In this episode, Diya’s driver Kanhaiya (Sushil Pandey) tries to cross the border by bribing the police. On the other hand, Trivedi Babu (Pakanj Kapoor) is trying to save his brother. On the other hand, a girl is seen taking her father on a bicycle while intoxicated. Vidhi Prabhakar (Kritika Kamra), who plays the role of a reporter in the film, is trying her best to bring every incident seen by her eyes to the audience.

Anubhav Sinha breathed life into the film

By the way, after the opening of the lockdown, many short films, web series and big films have been made on the corona virus. But director Anubhav Sinhan has taken full time to make this film crowd. In such a situation, Anubhav has proved successful in showing the truth of the Corona era in front of the audience. The star cast of the film has done the work of infusing life into the story.

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Corona tragedy will give goosebumps

The train will not come in this relief, whether it is the loss of life of 16 Mahdurs who were sleeping on the railway tracks or had left home, are coming from home and are going home… such as dialogues, which give goosebumps to the viewers. Let’s do it. During the Corona tragedy where people were locked in homes. At the same time, some laborers who had gone away from home had turned back to the village. Anubhav Sinha has beautifully portrayed all the aspects of Corona on the screen. At the same time, famous actor Rajkumar Rao and actress Bhumi Pednekar, who played the lead roles in the film, have also won the hearts of the audience with their brilliant performance.

However, since the release of the trailer, Anubhav Sinha’s film Crowd was mired in a lot of controversies. The trailer of the film started with the voice announcing the lockdown by Prime Minister Modi. At the same time, the migration of laborers in Corona was being compared to the partition of 1947. Due to which many people had raised the demand of banning the film by terming it as anti-national. But with knocking on the big screen, the film Rush has put a full stop to all the controversies.

What is special in the film crowd

In this 114-minute film, the audience will not get time to blink an eye. Some dialogues of the film, our justice is far beyond our status. The people of the cities are week, there is never any arrangement for the poor man. Many lines like this can make you emotional.

What’s worth seeing in the crowd?

The story of this film is close to everyone’s heart. This story must be seen for a great story, wonderful acting, excellent direction.

Why not go see the movie Rush?

If you are a fan of masala movies, then this movie is not for you.