Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh dances on Punjabi pop songs, from Suyyash Rai to this ex-contestant of Bigg Boss reacted

Actress Akshara Singh

Image Credit source: Instagram

These days Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh shoots videos in different dressing styles and uploads them for the fans, this time Akshara danced the fans on a Punjabi song.

Bhojpuri singer Akshara Singh has always been active on social media, but the actress now shares her lip-sync and dancing videos with the fans. recent actress Akshara Singh ,Akshara SinghA new video has surfaced in which Bhojpuri actress Akshara is seen dancing to the beat of Punjabi songs. Akshara Singh is seen dancing to Jazz B’s Punjabi pop culture song. Hip hop thumka looks great in Akshara’s song. Akshara is seen wearing a stylish loose track suit in the dance video. At the same time, his dancing style and attitude also looks quite impressive. Two more girls are dancing with the actress while doing the same steps. The outcome of this video looks quite impressive.

Watch Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s Punjabi style dance here

Fans’ comments came on Akshara’s video, people praised

Seeing this dancing video of actress Akshara Singh, all the comments started coming to the fore. Fans were seen talking on Akshara’s fitness. A fan wrote that Akshara, you have become fit now, very inspiring, then someone said – Akshara’s dance, scattered the flames. So someone said – Akshara is giving a very smart look to your track. So someone praised Akshya’s style as well as her dance and expressions.

Prateek could not stop without praising Akshara’s dance, what did the rest of the celebs say?

Comments from celebs were also seen on Akshara’s video, two contestants of Bigg Boss also commented on this video of Akshara. When actor Suyash saw this video of Akshara, he commented and wrote- ‘What’s the matter…’. Prateek Sahajpal, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss 14, also commented after seeing Akshara’s dance moves during this time. He said with the clapping emoji- ‘What’s the matter..’. Comment surfaced from the account named Surbhi Sharma Official – Nice.