Bholi Punjaban… Galwan… Patriotism, and blood flowing in the veins

Do you think this is a joke? Is this criticism? Is this condemnation? No. This is frustration. Be it for anyone, but take out your frustration for the army… I will forgive you like I am sorry. But the population of this country whose heart beats for this country, how can they respect you.

Richa Chadha

Image Credit source: Instagram

nowadays relay and youtube shots People’s favorite time pass is seen in a viral reel. You must have seen how a small girl soldier Salutes seeing. My heart fills with pride after watching this video that even small children have a culture of respect for the army.

Actually, the farmer and the soldier… those are the two communities of this country, to which you bow your head. Like a diplomat has some immunity, not more than that. Because the immunity of a diplomat is part of the protocol, but respect for the farmer and the soldier is the inner voice of the heart of this country. Even during the farmer’s movement, when the head of this country felt that he would be unable to explain to the farmers, he bowed his head and withdrew all the three laws.

we never question soldiers

Similarly, we never raise questions on the soldiers of this country. But nowadays, under the guise of democracy, not only has the culture of demanding proofs started, but people have even started daring to taunt the army.

They just have to open their mouth, they don’t have to cross the border, whenever there is talk of patriotism, they have to cross their limits.

But it seems people have to understand the basic difference between cricket and army. In cricket you can be out on a ball but in the army you can be martyred in a bullet. That’s why during the match, you can do commentary together while sitting at home. Hey man…’Kya kar raha hai yaar’ cover drive had to be hit. ‘It had to be lifted straight across the field was six.’ But would you ever dare to tell how to play between moving bullets? In this, the bullet was not to be shot on the chest by widening the chest. Only two to four civilians would have died. Like one or two runs go out of hand.

You may find all this bad now and do not enjoy it, but during the NRC-CAA Protest, you were saying that you are enjoying it. The point is that again a Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has made fun of a statement by Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Upendra Drivedi.

Is this your frustration?

When the commander of the Northern Army said that the Indian Army is ready to take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir if the order is received. Taking a jibe at this, Richa Chadha wrote GALWAN SAYS HI. In the Galvan in which India had lost twenty of its brave soldiers during the Indo-China conflict, the actress is making fun of her own country’s army, her own country’s commander by making her say hi to Galvan.

Do you think this is a joke? Is this criticism? Is this condemnation? No. This is frustration. Be it for anyone, but taking out your frustration for the army… I will forgive you if you are sorry. But that population of this country whose heart beats for this country. Whose chest expands on seeing the tricolor. Seeing that uniform, that hand rises for the salute. How can he respect you?

Like Retweet Followers Army is something above social media. when you weren’t When you were not in the movies. When you were not recognised. They must have fought for you even without knowing it. It is the heart of the army which saves even Yasin Malik, who called the floods in Kashmir a conspiracy.

thousand opportunities for criticism

Many times many types of thoughts come in our mind, which we express according to the delicacy of the occasion. When the country is standing with you, you should be seen standing with the country. And why only in this situation, if we have taken birth on this earth, is it not our responsibility?

Thousands of opportunities are open for criticism, but there should be a line somewhere in the name of the country. When the public surrounded this act, Richa Chadha not only deleted the tweet, apologized mentioning that her maternal grandfather was in the army and also wrote ITS IN MY BLOOD, but by then the public’s blood had boiled. And again the wind of Boycott Bollywood was blowing.

As a citizen, patriotism is in our blood only. This country has wasted all the money, love and time on cinema, the time of Boycott is coming when our feelings are not coming like a mirror from the front. Business of 100 crores, fan following of lakhs is from all the people and people are from the country only, from this country where Bollywood also resides. Question the governments, criticize them openly.

It is our duty towards the families of those 20 martyred soldiers. This sarcasm is neither a joke nor a criticism, it should be considered as a frustration. Do you remember that dialogue of Nana Patekar, here is the blood of a Hindu, this is the blood of a Muslim, how will it make a difference, blood is red only. It is easy to differentiate, the anti-national on which the blood boils, the one who boils after taking his soil, that is the blood of every Indian.

Whose daily duty is to walk with his life in hand, whether someone worships his feet or throws stones, he stands selflessly, he is a soldier.

Acting in films and deployment on the border, entertainment and defense are two different areas. That’s why there is a proverb whose work should be decorated by him and if he does it then he will be beaten with a stick. The army neither runs away after deleting the evidence, nor plays the victim card, nor does it count the martyrs of its family, it just moves on the path of its duty. Speak loudly patriotism etc in our blood.