‘Biden considers India-US relationship essential for global peace and economy’, said US official

President Joe Biden’s top trade negotiator Catherine Tai said the two countries were now in a better position to work on difficult issues.

US President Joe Biden.

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US President Joe Biden believes that India-US relations are essential for global peace, stability and economic resilience. Biden’s top trade negotiator Catherine Tai has said this. He said that both the countries are now in a better position to work on difficult issues. US Trade Representative (USTR) Tai at India House on India’s Independence Day on Monday. America “President Biden believes that the relationship between our two great democracies is essential for global peace, stability and economic resilience,” India’s Ambassador to India Taranjit Singh Sandhu said at an event.

Last year India Tai, who traveled to the city, said that she had seen the real form of the country’s vibrant culture during that visit. “While I have always avoided making comparisons between our important business partners around the world, I would agree that Indian hospitality is hard to match,” she said. He said that India and America, despite their differences, are facing similar challenges as they move forward in the 21st century. “Our leaders are clearly more committed than ever to tackling those challenges together and I am happy to be a part of it,” he said.

fast growing bilateral trade

The top US official said, ‘Our bilateral trade in goods and services is growing rapidly and in 2021 it will reach $ 160 billion. Also our ability to work on difficult issues is much better than before. Several senior members of the Biden administration also joined him on this occasion. Apart from this, many members of the US-India CEO Forum including astronaut and deputy administrator of NASA, Nobel Prize winner Dr. William D. Phillips and Raj Subramaniam and Puneet Ranjan also attended the event.

Biden wrote a letter to PM Modi-President Murmu

On India’s Independence Day, President Joe Biden wrote separate letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Draupadi Murmu. Deputy Secretary of State (Management and Resources) Brian P. McKeown handed over the letter to India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu during an event held at the ‘India House’ in the US on Monday. In the program, McKeown said, ‘I have given two letters from the President to the ambassador. One for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the other for President Murmu. More things have been said in these letters than what I will say here. He said that there are few such alliances which are more important than the partnership between America and India.

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