Biden’s Gray Eagle and Sunak’s Brimstone… Together they will wreak havoc on the Russian Army

After repeated mails from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, America and Britain together are giving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Gray Eagle and Brimstone missiles to Ukraine, which can give Ukraine an edge in the war.

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ukraine In the ongoing war, many experiments regarding weapons are also going on. Meanwhile, now such a weapon is going to land on the war front which is the most destructive and the most hi-tech. it’s a weapon Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Gray Eagle, The unmanned aerial vehicle Gray Eagle is out of reach of radar and attacks with missiles accurately. It is included in the count of the deadliest weapons in the fleet of the US Army.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote several times to US President Joe Biden to give the unmanned aerial vehicle Gray Eagle to Ukraine. If media reports are to be believed, President Biden had flatly refused to give this deadly weapon. Biden had said in his reply that unleashing such a destructive weapon against Russia would mean further increasing Russia’s displeasure, making the possibility of a nuclear attack more serious in the war. But then America changed its strategy and has now decided to give the unmanned aerial vehicle Gray Eagle to Ukraine.

Eagle from America and Brimstone from Britain

Meanwhile, along with America, Britain has also offered to give its missiles to Ukraine. Rishi Sunak and Biden have chosen 2 such weapons from their list of powerful and deadly weapons… which will destroy Ukraine’s tanks, trucks, artillery, warehouses, bunkers. Apart from America’s unmanned aerial vehicle Gray Eagle, Britain will give its Brimstone missile to Ukraine. Britain has delivered the consignment of Brimstone missiles… while America is about to start supplying Eagle drones.

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With Gray Eagle, Ukraine can destroy all the weapon depots, artillery positions of Russia. Weapons warehouses and command centers can be destroyed by the missiles of this drone. If on the strength of HIMARS alone Ukraine can force Russian troops to move away from Kherson and Dnieper river banks then imagine what kind of havoc Ukraine will wreak after gaining the power of Brimstone and Gray Eagle.