Big banks sinking abroad, these 10 banking stocks in India are expected to give up to 50% returns

From Silicon Valley Bank to Credit Suisse, 10 major banking stocks of India are raising hopes of good returns amidst the news of sinking of big banks of the world. Some of these can give returns up to 50 percent. Read this news…

Amidst the news of world’s big banks sinking, 10 major banking stocks of India are raising hopes of good returns.

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There is an earthquake in the world’s banking sector these days. The condition of big global banks like Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse is bad. However, even in the midst of this storm, India’s banking sector remains strong. Not only this, many banking shares are also performing well in the stock market.

According to market experts, shares of many small finance banks working in the country can give tremendous returns in the coming 12 months. Many of these stocks can give returns of 20 to 50 percent. ET has also released a list of such major stocks quoting Refinitiv.

Bandhan Bank will give more than 50% return!

Bandhan Bank, which recently entered the mutual fund sector, can give a return of more than 53 percent in the coming one year. Its share price is currently around Rs.202. While experts are telling the target price for this up to Rs 310.

Apart from Bandhan, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is another name in the banking stock that has given more than 50 percent returns. According to experts, its stock is currently around Rs 24, which can go up to Rs 36 in the coming 12 months.

These banking stocks are expected to get good returns

Apart from Bandhan Bank and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, these banks can also give better returns of 20 percent.

  1. City Union Bank share price is around Rs 128, with a target price of Rs 192. In this case it will give 49.60 percent return.
  2. The share price of IndusInd Bank is around Rs.1,022. Its target price is said to be Rs 1,420. In this way it can give a return of 38.80 percent.
  3. The target price for the stock of Karur Vysya Bank has been kept at Rs 134, which is currently close to Rs 97. It can give more than 37 percent return.
  4. The country’s largest bank SBI stock can reach the target price of Rs 711. In this way, at the current price of Rs 520, it can give a return of about 36 percent.
  5. The share price of DCB Bank is currently around Rs.105. It can touch the target price of Rs.138. In this way, more than 31 percent return can be received on it.
  6. The share price of ICICI Bank is Rs.852. Which can touch the target price of Rs 1,110 in the coming 12 months. In this way, this stock can give a return of 30 percent.
  7. Apart from this, shares of Federal Bank and Axis Bank can give more than 28 percent returns in the coming time. Their current share prices are currently around Rs 128 and Rs 855 respectively. While the target price has been kept at Rs 166 and Rs 1100 respectively.

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