Big Breaking: Proof of Raj Kundra’s exploits, the limits of obscenity were crossed in this new app, know everything

Raj Kundra’s new trouble. Raj Kundra has been arrested by Mumbai Police for the app Hotshot. Those limits of obscenity were never crossed in him. Which happened in a new app Hothit. The Mumbai Police has not just made him the main accused in this case. The police have account details of Raj Kundra. His copy has been exclusively in the hands of TV9 Bharatvarsh. It can be clearly seen that money has come from HOTHIT in Raj Kundra’s account.

You can see that every second-third day lakhs of rupees were hot-hit due to the rain of notes in his ICICI Bank account. This was the money that viewers used to give to the app by subscribing to watch pornographic content. Viewers had to buy coins to see the content in the app and then these coins were converted into rupees. We are exclusively disclosing this app. This app was earlier present in the public domain and its content was also streamed on Telegram app.

Our correspondent Ashni Pandey has taken out the copy of the account details of Raj Kundra which contains the details of the transactions of this money.

earn big every day

The list of this transaction in which it is clearly visible that Kundra used to earn lakhs of rupees every day. He used to earn lakhs of rupees in a single day from Hothit.

see details here

  1. 3 lakh deposited on 20 December 2020
  2. 1 lakh deposited on 25 December 2020
  3. 10 lakh deposited on 26 December 2020
  4. 50 thousand rupees deposited on 28 December 2020
  5. 2 lakh 5 thousand rupees deposited on 3 January 2021
  6. On January 10, 2021, Rs 3 lakh was deposited in Hothit’s account.
  7. 2 lakhs deposited in Hothit’s account on 13 January 2021
  8. 1 lakh deposited on 20 January 2021
  9. 95 thousand rupees deposited on 23 January 2021
  10. On February 3, 2021, two lakh 70 thousand rupees were deposited.

This was the difference between Hotshot and Hothit

The app named Hotshot was launched by Raj Kundra. In that first he launched such content which can be considered a bit more than the category of Erotic but the content he put in Hothit crossed all limits of obscenity. After the arrival of this app, many people made a strong investment on Playstore and now they are also trying to cross all limits.

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