Big crypto tokens including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Solana fall again, Tether rises

The price of Bitcoin declined by 5.71 percent on Friday, February 18, after being consistently in profit for the past few days. At the time of writing the news, the price of BTC on the Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber was $43,287 (approximately Rs 32.5 lakh). At the same time, the world’s most popular and oldest crypto was trading on international exchanges with a loss of about 7.17 percent. For example, on Binance, bitcoin was priced at $40,652 (approximately Rs 30.5 lakh), which is a drop of over 7%.

Gadgets 360 crypto price tracker As per reports, the price of Ether (Ether price in India today) has also declined by 4.08 percent, after which, at the time of writing, its value was $3,105 (about Rs 23,000) per token. ETH It also posted huge losses on international exchanges. Its price was down 5.83 percent at $2,900 (around Rs 2.15 lakh) on CoinMarketCap, and on other Indian exchanges, including CoinDCX, it was trading down 4.79 percent at around $3,053 (about Rs 2 lakh).

Till the time of writing the news, Binance Coin, ripple, Cardano, Solana, TerraAnd Avalanche There was also a fall of three to seven per cent in prices.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were moving with profits for the past few days, but today they seem to be falling.

Where DOGE It was priced at $0.15 (approximately Rs.11), down by 3.59 per cent. There itself, SHIB The token was trading at $0.000031 (approximately Rs.0.002326), down 5.44 percent.

Tether, USD Coin, NeoAnd Binance USD It was the only altcoin that, as of writing this news, was trading in marginal but profit margins.

CoinDCX’s research team told Gadgets 360, “While the crypto market is volatile due to the uncertainty of global issues such as Russia-Ukrainian tensions, institutional support is necessary to create greater trust and credibility for this market and is important.”<!–