Big disclosure in Mumbai pornography case! Know what was Raj Kundra’s plan B, there was a plan to come back to play store like this

There has been a new revelation in the Mumbai pornography case. Raj Kundra made Plan B after the Hotshot app was suspended. In a WhatsApp chat with Pradeep Bakshi, it has been revealed that Raj Kundra was also planning after Google Play removed Raj Kundra’s Hotshot app from the Google Play Store. Raj Kundra was preparing to start Hotshot again on the Play Store by removing all the bold content. The details of the mail contacted by Google Play are also in this chat.

Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been sent to police custody till July 23 by the Esplanade Court in the case of making porn films. When the Crime Branch team was taking him to Byculla Jail on Tuesday, he looked quite disheartened. During this, Raj Kundra did not even answer the questions. Mumbai Police often keeps the accused in Byculla itself and it is here that they are interrogated.

However, the question is arising as to why the police took so long after the first complaint was made in this case on 4 February. It is believed that soon Raj Kundra’s complete business model is going to come out, which will also make it clear that how he was using bribe to hide his secret business.

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