Big disclosure of Urfi Javed, said- this person who has been harassing for 2 years had threatened cyber rape

Urfi Javed has created a sensation on the internet with a post on social media. While posting a photo of a person, Urfi has made many big allegations on him.

urfi javed

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Creating a sensation on the Internet with new dresses every day urfi javed He says that recently he had to face harassment. This alleged blackmailer used to force them to have ‘phone sex’. A long post has been written on Instagram, sharing screenshots of photos and messages of this person on social media. Urfi has also said that 2 years ago he had filed an FIR against this person and the girlfriend of this person also encourages him to do such acts.

In the post shared on social media, Urfi writes that “So this man was harassing me for so long but now that’s enough, 2 years ago this man morphed my photos and started circulating them, I had filed a police complaint about this two years ago and that time was very difficult for me.

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Big disclosure made through post

Urfi further wrote that “I have also uploaded a post of 2 years, which can still be seen on my profile. This man blackmailed me using those photos to have video sex with him. He also threatened me that if I did not listen to him, he would distribute my photos on Bollywood pages and ruin my career. Yes, he was blackmailing me to do cyber rape.”

Police did not take any step

Urfi has written that, “What I am disappointed with is that there is no action on it. I filed FIR for the first time at Goregaon Police Station @mumbaipolis. It has been 14 days but no action has been taken yet. I am very disappointed. I have heard many good things about Mumbai Police but their attitude towards this man is strange. Even after telling them how many women he has done such an act with, still no action has been taken against him. This man is a danger to the society, to the women.”

Alleged girlfriends were also accused

urfi did this person alleged girlfriend But have also been accused. Urfi says that the last picture is of her best friend, Sera Kishore. I had worked with his sister Aashna Kishor, I contacted these two sisters, sent them proof how he is blackmailing me and what he has done with other girls but think what, these girls ignored the evidence and supported them saying that all 50 girls are lying.”

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