Big News: Sunny Deol’s film will overtake Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, read what is the plan?

If we talk about blockbuster films in the Bollywood industry, then the 2001 film ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ will definitely be included in these films. Once again, there is a lot of discussion about this film sequel, such patriotism that brought people’s blood to a boil.

Songs that are hummed even today and action scenes that established Sunny Deol in the list of action heroes of the industry. On the huge success of the film and the request of the fans, director Anil Sharma is working on making the sequel of ‘Gadar 2: Ek Prem Katha’ (Gadar 2).

Tara will again create ruckus in Pakistan

A big news has come about the film. Which will make the fans happy. The way Sunny Deol creates ruckus in Pakistan to bring his wife Sakina (Amisha Patel) back to India in the film Gadar. At the same time, it is being said that this time too there will be a panic of Sunny in Pakistan. According to the news, Sunny will go to Pakistan to bring back his son Charan Jeet (Utkarsh Sharma) in ‘Gadar 2’. The story of Part 2 of the film will also start from the story of the old film and the origin of the story will be from ‘India-Pakistan’. Meaning this time also Sunny’s anger will rain in the neighboring country.

The handpump scene was made iconic

In the film ‘Gadar’, Sunny Deol’s handpump uprooting with anger is included in the iconic scenes of the film. At that time no one thought that this film would be liked so much. This film did a tremendous performance on the big screen, not only this, but Sunny Deol went to Pakistan to uproot the handpump scene, so Pakistanis were really angry that till now Sunny Deol’s films are banned there, but Sunny’s fans have got to love Sunny. I liked the character very much.

Watch Gadar’s handpump scene here – See here

‘Gadar 2’ was challenging for Anil Sharma

Everyone knows that till now the fans give love to Gadar, which was released 20 years ago. At the same time, whenever a sequel or remake of a film is made, then the comparison of both starts first, whether the second part of the film will also be so impressive where the performance of every character of the film Gadar was highly appreciated by the audience and critics as well. . In such a situation, there is a big challenge in front of filmmaker Anil Sharma regarding the sequel of Gadar, how every small thing like story, scenes, action, dialogue of the film can get a better response than the film Gadar.

Tara or Charanjit will be the main character

Utkarsh Sharma, who played the role of Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel and Sunny’s son, will be seen in the sequel of ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’, which has created history at the box office. Utkarsh Sharma is the son of director Anil Sharma, who was seen as a child artist in Gadar, but now he has become a handsome hunk and his Bollywood debut as an actor has been made with the film ‘Genius’, although the film was a flop at the box office but now In the film Gadar 2, Sunny will be seen on the big screen as a young son, Utkarsh or just say that 2 heroes are going to happen in this film as well as the innocence of Sakina (Amisha Patel), the fans still give place in their film, so Sakina’s Ameesha Patel will once again be seen playing the character. When does director Anil Sharma make the official announcement of this film, now everyone is waiting for it.

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